Bee Tree Farms

-  Raw Honey  -

  • Bee Tree Farm's beehives are 100% chemical free and constructed on untreated natural wood.

  • Our honey is raw, unfiltered, and never heated.

  • Our bees are never fed sugar syrup to boost honey production.

  • The Bee Tree Farm's apiary is surrounded by miles of natural forest which provides excellent forage for the bees.

-  Garlic  -

  • Bee Tree Farm's planted a test patch of garlic this year including Elephant Garlic and a few varieties of hardneck garlic: early red italian, music, and spanish roja.

  • This crop is not certified organic, but no chemicals were added to the soil at any time.  

  • Hardneck garlic has a robust flavor and can be stored for up to 9 months