Bee Tree Farms

Ellijay, Georgia

(404) 312-7875



  • No chemicals: our bees are left to their own abilities to deal with natures challenges. Harsh chemicals are never added to our hives to prevent pests or treat disease.  

  • We source our bees through natural swarms from feral colonies that are living treatment free 

  • Our hives are build out of thicker lumber to mimic a natural tree cavity and provide adequate insulation from the elements.

  • Remote location: Our apiary is located on the edge of the Rich Mountain Wilderness in North Georgia.  There are miles of natural forest that provide excellent forage sources for the bees.

  • We do not feed our bees sugar syrup to boost honey production.  The bees are entrusted to build an ample  honey supply for the winter.  If extra honey is available, we harvest  a small amount leaving their winter stores in tact.

  • Raw and unfiltered - Once honey is ripened in the hive, we remove the combs and extract the honey.  The honey is strained and bottled for you.  ​