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Tommy Blalock

Welcome to Bee Tree Farms!  My name is Tommy Blalock and I'm glad that you stopped by.  For nearly 22 years, I've spent most of my days sitting behind a computer working as a Business Intelligence Developer. I started keeping bees in 2017 with just two colonies.  After my first season, I was hooked!  I found myself listening to hours of beekeeping videos on YouTube and starting reading everything I could related to honey bees. In 2018, I started a small side business to sell the honey that my hives produced.  As it turned out, I really enjoyed it!   

While I've been very fortunate throughout my IT career, in the summer of 2023 I realized something had to change.  It was time to follow my true passion - Honey Bees!  

With the unwavering encouragement of my family, Bee Tree Farms entered a new chapter – a chapter that speaks to the pursuit of fulfillment, purpose, and the embrace of one's true calling. At Bee Tree Farms, we believe in the power of transformation, driven by a genuine love for nature and the fascinating world of honeybees. Our story is one of resilience, adaptability, and the pursuit of happiness. Welcome to a hive of passion, purpose, and the pursuit of sweetness!

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